Monastery Monastery
Government Of Nepal

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Buddhist Philosophy Promotion & Monastery Development Committee


  • Historic monastery preservation program. This committee is renovating structurally damaged monasteries which are ancient, archaeologically important, historically valuable, culturally and traditionally significant.
  • Solar panel distribution program. This committee is distributing solar panel to those ancient and cultural monasteries which has no access of electricity.
  • Detailed study program of monasteries. To study the monasteries in details and create a profile of those monasteries which were surveyed a timely ago.
  • Lama study and tour program. This committee is trying to encourage the feelings of unity in the country by including Buddhist Nuns and Monks in national and international visits program from time to time, which also helps bringing them in the mainstream of development of the country.
  • Study and research on ancient monasteries. The monasteries located in different districts as public and religious organization are all prioritized and their actual status are investigated and studied in detail through available means and resources. Promote and preserve the culture, tradition, festivals which are celebrated in ancient monasteries by involving locals in such programs.
  • Sermon (Buddhist Preaching) program. It spreads the message of the Lord Buddha in every part of the country for peace and sustainable development, positive attitude, co-operation of civic duty by enhancing psychological thinking with ultimate goal of directing the process of maximum development.
  • Herbal medicines training(Sorig) Thanka training , ancient sculptures preservation trainings and Buddha Jayanti program. This committee has been organizing different types of training (Sorig, Thanka & ancient sculptures) for uplifting the economic standard of Monks and Nuns at local level and also celebrating Buddha Jayanti programs at national level.
  • Publishing books about Buddhist philosophy (Bulletin, Buddha Sishu Upahar). This committee has been publishing Buddha Sishu Upahar yearly, bulletin and magazines periodically.
  • Support to monastery education. This committee has been providing financial support to the monastery education.
  • Development of monastery area as tourist destinations. This committee has been running public awareness programs as per the need in the area of tourist site as it directly affects the locals, monastery and public for uplifting their economic standard.
  • Establishment of Buddhist study and research center. Establishment of study and research of Buddhist Philosophy center, to preserve and promote ancient, archaeological and historically important monasteries in upcoming days. This center is also established for development of art, teaching and Buddhist culture. It also aims for providing additional help to monasteries of cultural importance and to create as a treatment center, museum, seminar hall, meditation center and natural treatment center- guest house for high –ranking Monks and Nuns as well.
  • Monastery self-reliant programs. For making monastery independent, different skill based training, income- generating training programs are being carried out.
  • Monastery management training. This program provides proper knowledge to Buddhist Nuns, Monks and stakeholders for making effective management of their monasteries.
  • Surkhet Kankre Bihar conservation Program. Coordinating with Department of archeology, preservation work of ruins at Kankre Bihar in Surkhet is undergoing. We are the part of construction of sally as well as the construction of compound wall and main gate.
  • Cultural preservation program. This program focuses on the preservation of the ancient Buddhist cultures in Local Level.
  • Audio Visual Program. This program focuses on the making of TV program about those ancient Monasteries for the purpose of conserving and advertising. Having included opinion of Buddhist religious intellectuals and concern authorities.
  • Internship Program. This program supports to those University Degree students who write Thesis on the subject matter related to Buddhist Philosophy.
  • Model monastery nomination with special preservation and tourist development program. This program is specially focused to support ten nominated monasteries based on their ancient, antique, historic, cultural, tourism and religious significance.
  • Providing identity card to chief Lama /Monk of the registered Monasteries and for other prominent Lama/Monk and Nuns identity card can be given after having decision from committee as per need.
  • Honoring the prominent scholars of Buddhism such as Tulku, Khenpo, and Loppen by providing letter of appreciation.